For the tough days

Turn that frown upside down

Today is a good day.

I’m not having a bad day today, actually it has been a rather awesome day however; I wanted to write this for the bad days. The days that make good days like this that much sweeter.

These “bad days” seem worse than others, but are they really? I wonder how much of my perceived bad days are actually “bad”. It seems when I look back at those moments that make the day less than great those things that have gone wrong are usually my reactions about them.

Such is life.

When something doesn’t go the way I planned, I deem them wrong and react so, but what if I changed the way I thought about my problems? What if I was to live in constant preparation for things that could ” go wrong “. Will I be looking around every corner for those sneaky day ruiner problems or will I use those mental tools too combat the way I view them? Turning those issues into a welcomed unexpected turn of events. Events that will gift me wisdom or the help me to continue the building the strength to choose the right choice.

So for the days that are less than great, here’s my Ode’ to turning it around via. present awareness and intentional living.

The things that I do on my BEST days.


Take it to the mat.

I don’t know what it is but this past year I’ve started carrying tension in my neck and shoulders. When I get stressed out that tensions tightens. The best feeling is pushing it out of my body with yoga practice. A simple sun salutation to stretch out the body and breathe out that stress.

Change your thoughts

Thoughts become words, words become actions. Positive thoughts turn into positive actions. It’s a great feeling being aware in positivist and watching the ripple effect on the environment around you.

Go outside

Fresh Air. I live in a really cute neighborhood right next to a park. Take a second to sit outside, walk around the block or just to feel the weather. Observe the small interactions of nature around you.

Feed your body with soul food

Cook something fresh. There is nothing more satisfying than cooking up a fresh filling meal. I gravitate towards dishes with lots of veggies, broccoli is my favorite. Adding veggies to my diet changes everything. I know that I am less crabby when I’m eating well.


Less is more, yes, but still TREAT YO SELF. Turn those days around with a small spoil that only you can provide for yourself.






Practice self-love. Take care of your toes, use a special moisturizer, create a nightly self-care routine and follow it religiously. Start young, start often. Turn the negative into positive. Just choose it, it’s that simple Practice consistently. And most importantly, be aware.

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