5 Inspiring Plant Blogs

In honor of #FoilageFriday I am sharing with you 5 of my absolute favorite plant blogs and why.

1. The sill

Basically, it’s the best blog out there for plant care and tips. This NY native blog features fun themes like “Plant Myth Mondays” where they debuff popular plant care myths. Shop their store or just admire their Instagram. @thesill

2. Urban Jungle Bloggers

“A global community of plant lovers” Follow these guys for trends, a flawless Instagram, and plant-inspired tweets. This community of bloggers will show you inside Botanical gardens worldwide to perfect little plant projects. @urbanjungleblog

3. Houseplantclub

Okay- So they don’t have a website yet BUT their Instagram is life and they are working on their totally awesome website. They have an Etsy where you can purchase cute little items with their logo on it. @houseplantclub

4. Kew

This is such a cool site. It is Kew Science and what they are is a global resource for plant and fungal knowledge. Here comes the nerd bursting out of me… THIS IS SO COOL. Their purpose? “All our lives depend on plants and fungi” So true. So for the super lovers of plant life, kew.org has fascinating research articles, education, and publications.

5. Let it grow

First of all their mission is gold. “We know that we can drastically improve the quality of our urban lives with the increased presence of green in cities…” I couldn’t agree more. Let’s bring back nature in our every day lives. Let it grow supports entrepreneurs to help facilitate green innovations. Get the hottest plant porn & follow @letitgrow_org



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