Building character 


How many times have you gone to work when you didn’t feel like it?

Hopefully not every day- as that would be unhealthy but maybe a side job or to help a family member out with a chore?

As we begin our week I wanted to write about character because I was faced with a character test last week. I absolutely did not want to go to work at the bar for the evening on Friday night. It was a gorgeous blue sky fall day and all I wanted to do was sit outside and enjoy a good book in the sun.

When I told this to my sweet roommate she said: “What you put into the world comes back and you want good vibes so give good vibes.” I hung my head in shame for even considering skipping out. Your right, I said, thanking her for the reminder.

This is what I want for myself- To be dependable. You can’t depend on someone that calls in to work on a Friday night, the busiest night of the week.

So I went to work.

Character isn’t built in a day. It is built brick by brick with these hard to make decisions to form a strong foundation. When people hear my name I want them to smile. I do not want you to remember me as the girl who didn’t show, because I’ve been that girl, and it is so not fun to have this reputation.

I admire people who live their mission, stay true to themselves through challenges and seem to grab and hold onto a good secure life. The truth is I’m not where I want to be yet but I’m farther than I was last year.

How I’m building character:

I ask myself who am I and who do I want to be?

This seems to be an ever-evolving door of self-reflection. I want to be a woman who you feel comfortable approaching. I want to be trusted as a hard worker, a leader and recognized as a genuine human being.

What are my values?

I took this test online and really sorted out to the nitty gritty and narrowed it down to three main values that have been –low key- guiding my choices. They are relationships, intelligence, & continuous improvement. When you do this exercise it has you break them up and you will see some values represent many others.

How can I build to create & excel daily?

Honestly, I do these life posts to keep me on track and focused on my goals. Making commitments to complete my homework and relating that work back to what I do in my daily life has helped me to realize how connected life is. Going through with commitments even though I feel like doing something else is honestly my biggest challenge in life. Recognizing these patterns and building on them helps me to excel with passion towards my goals.

How can I challenge myself?

Being transparent on this blog is a challenge, but it’s getting easier. I’d love to sit here and tell everyone how wonderful my life is and that I have nothing to work on but that’s not the case, nor will it ever be. Aside from transparency, there are daily challenges like showing up for a job that I’m not particularly excited for.

How do I Nurture relationships?

This should come by easy as it is literally like the main value my whole life has been based on but it’s not. Most of my beginning relationships weren’t the epitome of health and balance. I basically valued myself based on the other person I was in a contact with, mind you this is not based on purely boyfriends but friends and even family used to define who I thought I was. It came as a HUGE shock when I woke up one day basically alone because my self-worth was non-existent. As I have been getting older I’ve realized how different of a path I have taken than that of my peers. These differences don’t need to separate us, they can bring us together and make our relationship even more unique as we stay friends over a long period of time. Understanding and mutual respect grow with maturity. The most important relationships are rooted in the family which is something I will continue to work on.

How can I help others?

Hopefully, if I make the right steps I can help others by being a good example of a kind generous human. Nobody is undeserving of help. I have a teacher in college and she has incredible patience when dealing with a particular student. Many times when I have found myself annoyed with the constant interruptions but when I look to her I watch as she handles the student with patience and grace. I’ve been humbled by this as I initially immediately dismissed this student not worthy of my time. << Ick, how rude. He is a character test. I acknowledge and greet him the same way I do everyone else now.

I talked about building a personal brand awhile back and while that’s important it is even more important to have a strong character foundation first. Character building is something that should be focused on often.

I started with narrowing down my values way back in February when the need to change was really in full force. I was working at a job that didn’t feed my soul, so I feverishly plotted my escape. I annotated all kinds of self-help books focusing on mindfulness and spiritual ecology. Then I took to my journal sketching out how I would use this blog as a tool to help guide myself and maybe even someone else who stumbles across this page and finds my material relatable. So if you are here, reading this till the end, I thank you so very much for your time and consideration. I hope you are on the positive path of rebuilding as well.



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One Comment

  1. Amanda

    Wonderful. So proud of you continually growing each day. Just like a flower you need food, water, sun and darkness at times to make you beautiful..
    Your work momma 😀


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