Building a tribe

All the feels

I feel so thankful and happy because of what happened this weekend. My dear friend wrote me an email this morning about her experience at the planting party I hosted..

“SERIOUSLY I couldn’t wait until Monday morning so that I could sit down at the computer and send you an email about all the feels I had leaving your party on Saturday. It was SO good. So magical and empowering and fun and light-hearted and I felt invigorated.”

She nailed it. That is exactly how I feel and it makes my heart swell. Part of the reason why I am so thrilled is because there was a point in my life when I felt so completely alone and isolated. I felt like I had burned all bridges with people, I didn’t like myself- so how could I expect anyone else to like me too?

So what changed?

I think honestly I started to show up even when it was difficult. People with anxiety and who are struggling with depression stay home because it’s easy. The hard part is showing up.

Let me try and put it into perspective. There is this voice in your head that only you can hear, it tells you that your boring, that you add no value to life and the people in it. You start to believe this voice and it grows and grows until it completely limits your ability to do anything. It starts to reflect in the outer parts of you- your complexion, weight, and ability to smile. Your facial expressions give the voice away as your communicating negativity without even knowing it. This voice has just started a cyclical black hole void of any joy.

Until one day you kill it. Minute by minute realizing the damage it has done and forgiving yourself for all the hate you have been spewing onto yourself each day. You look in the mirror and try to tell yourself that you are loved and that it’s okay. That life isn’t that bad and that you aren’t alone. You smile at strangers and you show up to that gathering with kindness behind your eyes. You say you’re sorry for not being there and then the next time you show up. That’s how change is fostered and that’s how each day with small steps you start to rebuild your tribe.

Friends are SO important

I can’t even tell you how wonderful it feels to have smart, strong, silly friends to count on and laugh with. If I could round up all the gal pals that I love, I would. So thank you for coming and enjoying a couple hours in my little world. I loved hearing stories of trials and successes. Sharing bits of our history, new family members, and talking about our pets. There is something so lovely about strangers opening up and meeting new friends.

And so are plants

Plants are such a huge part of my life as a gardener and collector. I absolutely love taking care of them while watching them grow into these big beautiful green beauties. What I love the most though, is sharing them with friends and family. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. They take chemicals out of the air making it cleaner and better for breathing. Even for people who say they can’t grow anything- there are very forgiving plants out there so I say go ahead and try.

Till next time

This is a new week to keep growing and staying productive. I’ve already started planning another party, so if you are reading this and interested- I hope you can make it! Details will be on my facebook.

Friday you’ll find a little guide to gift giving with plants for the coming holidays. Show your host some love with life. Thanks for stopping in today and taking your time to read about all the feels this past weekend helped stir up.

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