Giving with plants

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I wanted to share a few reasons why we should say thank you to our hosts.

say thank you with a plant

Show some love to your host this season with a live gift. Plants have meanings and use that have been around for thousands of years. Flowers are great but they don’t last nearly as long as a houseplant. Plants are literally the best gifts because they last forever (if cared for properly) AND every time someone looks at it they will think of you! 🙂

Aloe stands for protection, healing & affection.

This is one of my favorite houseplants EVER. I use their leaves on my skin to heal my acne scars, when I get sunburned, mixed with coconut oil as a moisturizer, etc.. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving.


Basil means good wishes.

On Thanksgiving what could be better than telling your host thank you and leaving them with a plant that keeps giving. Especially great for the person in your life who loves to cook. Show them this guide to growing basil indoors.


Ivy means friendship & Continuity.

What better way to show your appreciation for a relationship than gifting a plant that literally means friendship. Ivy is amazing and beautiful.


Rosemary is for REMEMBRANCE.

Rosemary is that perfect winter herb. Rosemary chicken & potatoes- SO fall, So winter. Rosemary needs LOTS of sunlight so a kitchen window is perf. Another great gift for that chef in your life.


Cactus stands for protection.

It’s no wonder these hardy babes stand for protection, you can’t even touch them without injury. A great gift for the snowbird or traveler. Extremely hardy in winter and dry climates a cactus is the best low maintenance gift.

This season what are you thankful for? I love the holidays because they help us take a look at what we usually take for granted. Thanksgiving is about being grateful for the life you have and the people you share it with. Do you give your host a gift upon arrival? Wouldn’t it be nice to show them a little love with something that they can love back? I think so but hey I’m just a crazy plant lady.

Thanks for stopping in! Safe travels this holiday season and we will see you next Friday for DIY Christmas (insert heart eye emoji now)



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