Prosperity and success


It’s Sunday night I’m watching sex and the city with a full belly of broccoli cheese potato soup. Finally feeling better after being impaired by a cold. Three words to describe last week- difficult. sluggish. painful.. It took a toll on my attitude and all I wanted was to cave up for the rest of the week. So draining as it was, I trudged on and when the weekend came, I cleaned. I corner to corner, moved furniture deep cleaned. It felt liberating. So with a clean house, body, and mind, I started doing some research for the weekly focus. I found a prosperity podcast and took away material. It inspired me to do some reflecting on the past year and where I am in the present. After some evaluation and journaling, I’m excited about the results.

Something happened this year and I found my passion. I had asked for it at night before I went to sleep, I had looked for it in all the things I liked to do, I had compared how other people explore their passions. So finally one day it clicked and it started with a personal ad in the newspaper and quite literally grew into something that not only am I excited about but the people in my life are excited for me too.

I have all these ideas, and people interested and I’m just not sure on how to focus and narrow down these ideas to make them work. Yes I’ll fail at some of these things and that’s ok but first I want to have a plan. So this week I’m going to focus on these 5 things that are so important for our health and daily success.

The Goal

Add balance to health, earning a living and building a business. We should want money to fuel our passions, use money to help people, and use money to do good in the world. Prosperity isn’t a dollar value it’s a mindset. Only you can decide what is prosperous.

Harmony – Elegance

Life is busy. Slowing your life down isn’t the answer, adding elegance is. Smooth tranistions. In truth, there are times in our life when we need to focus on our job or our family more and that’s where the majority of our time will be spent. More and more people are using social media to be authentic on and not fake. People are also becoming more entrepreneurial and utilizing social settings to grow their business. It’s brilliant and I value giving my earned money to someone I know vs. a major corporation. Social wealth is all everywhere now. Your friend who just started up an online boutique or a guy you know who is selling his service as a hunting guide. All of us affect our local economy, so help them out and show some love to your neighbor.


This may be those most important. Think- everything begins with mindset. If you go into a situation with a grateful mind you’ll get gratitude. If you’re going into it with a negative mindset, you’ll get negativity. People are talking about the value of mindset and this is cool because it’s so easily changeable. You can change how you view everything. Flip your mental construct to enable your mindset to be growth-oriented and positive. Change how you think to change your outcomes.

Physical life

Add not subtract. Health is so valuable. Physical health. Don’t spend money on junk and then you won’t have to spend money on fixing those problems later. I need to think more about this. Everyone wants to stop doing something but really we should be adding things. More water, more vegetables whatever you are struggling with think about adding the opposite to combat it. Listen, people are living longer and for usbeing healthy won’t come from watching those pharmaceutical commercials that tell us how we will fix ourselves. Your conventional doctor won’t make you live longer. Healthier daily habits, that’s what living longer is about. Find a physician to follow like “Joe Mercola”, he is a health-oriented former pharmaceutical doctor focused on healthy solutions while also informing you of the bad practices.

social capital

How we define how wealthy we are has changed. You will get the results you give. Employers are paying attention to what you are doing on your social platforms. Everybody knows everything. Linked In, Facebook feeds, the social capital is you out there in the marketplace. Social wealth, again very important for people’s lives.

 The four habits for social capital

  1. Show up on time
  2. Do what you say your going to do
  3. Finish what you start
  4. Say please and thank you


Controversial for most but it must be talked about. I’m not talking about religion, I’m talking about whatever form you choose to express yourself. Inspirational influences around you or in your daily devotional, church, nature- wherever you feel close to that energy that is more than this world. Spirituality comes into play when we are overcoming obstacles, using coping concepts to get through those problems. Whatever sustains you it may be the love of your family, a beautiful sunset, or the opportunity to be outside. Bring that inspiration to the world every day and not what you see on the news which could be plaguing your mind.

Giving good and getting good. Give first attitude.

That is the mindset to have. I’ve seen it, maybe you have too. Even lending a smile to a stranger can suffice. Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a safe Holiday as I know many people will be traveling. Let’s enter this week counting our blessings and appreciating each other. In light of Thanksgiving, I’m going to leave you with this question. What are you giving?

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