DIY Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath Party

“I come home to find someone had stolen all of my Eucalyptus from my house. In a mad panic I drive to the store and realize my wallet was left at home. Stuck in traffic, it takes forever to get back. With my wallet in tow, I head to the store, again, to discover the eucalyptus sold out. You have to order greens a few days before picking them up and I was out of time. I find fake substitutes, which is NOT what this party was about. Not only that but I had to purchase other supplies. The line was long and I was having an anxiety attack about the time. When I finally arrive, late, to my own party, my guests are gone- all but one. The one woman who stayed behind was disappointed. I felt like a sham, a failure and this woman lingered behind to make sure I knew it.”


That was my nightmare of a dream the morning before my party. Ummm.. So obviously I was a little anxious. Naturally the first thing I did when I awoke was to go downstairs and check on my big bundle of eucalyptus. I let out a sigh of relief when I saw that it was safe and untouched apart from a few kitty nibbles (they just love to eat my plants.)

These wreaths were easy and fun to create, anyone can do it themselves. A bundle of eucalyptus costs around $11 and you’ll get 10 stems which is more than enough to make one or even two wreaths. I bought my supplies from Crow River Floral in Hutchinson, Minnesota. They employ the sweetest women you could ever be lucky enough to meet and one of them even came to the party.


  • Eucalyptus
  • Wire (Floral & a thicker aluminum based wire for the frame)
  • Pliers/Strong Cutter
  • Cranberries or fake flowers (optional)
Eucalyptus Christmas Wreath Supplies
Eucalyptus Christmas Wreath Supplies

I’m still learning how to host a comfortable and successful event, so I made a few changes from the last plant party.

  1. Hosted during the day for better lighting
  2. I changed the room for a smoother flow
  3. I provided a beverage and skipped the food (less prep)

A record played soft music while we talked and sipped on cranberry beverages. My heart was swelling as I listened to my friends tell stories, laugh and enjoy working with their hands. Hosting parties and events has become one of my favorite things to do. I love bringing people together, meeting new friends and having them leave with a special treat, something that they created themselves. I hope to continue having these in the future. I mean just look at these big beautiful smiles!

With the leftover Eucalyptus I sold 10 more in less that 24 hours. Pretty excited about that because it doesn’t even feel like work. What if I could make a living doing this? Ahh that’d be the dream. Speaking of dreams, want to know mine?

Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. I want to buy a tent, shelving units, and a table to travel from craft fairs and festivals as a “Traveling Jungalow” selling all things plants, containers and plant accessories. Can you see it? I sure can, in fact, it keeps me up at night. Any good vibes thrown my way to propel this dream into a reality are always welcome. Sprinkle em’ my way.

And with that, I bid you goodbye. I hope you have the most glorious weekend filled with Christmasy events, music and lights. Thanks for reading and hey while your here why don’t you subscribe (blue keep in touch button on your right. I’d appreciate it and then you’ll never miss a post- AND if you are interested in a party let me know. I can be reached at any of my social media handles. FB & INSTA for the quickest reply.

Happy Holidays!

Lilliana Lucinda

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