Fresh Start @lillianalucinda

Give Yourself A Fresh Start

Winter break is in full force and I have found myself gravitating toward my yoga mat attempting to silence my thoughts.

Listening to them and letting them manifest and then pushing them away by bringing my attention to my surroundings and what my body is feeling.

This has blessed me with some much-needed introspection. I’m writing this for me but also I hope it helps anyone else out there.

Mental and physical health comes first before anything else.

Simplicity is important.

Learning to listen is much more important than broadcasting your thoughts.

Less is more, especially with words.

Every day is a chance to experience life in a fresh way.

We can carry around yesterday’s baggage or we can let it go and treat today like a new beginning.

Be gentle with yourself when you fail or things don’t go how you thought they would, chances are even if it seems like your fault, it’s not.

We can’t control everything.

The goal should be about understanding life, it should be about thinking clearly.

Each day is a chance to learn what you didn’t know yesterday and to do things better than you did yesterday.

Being perfect isn’t real but to imagine, create and improve is.

Most of what we believe is real is actually a perception of our past experiences.

Learning to see the world for how it really takes honesty and humbleness.

Every day is a new day to start making wise decisions. You may have lost a lot, but you still have a lot and you still have an opportunity to do good things.

Don’t get sidetracked by thinking about what could have been. Think about what is now.

What can you do today?

If you find yourself on the same path, walk it with healing intentions then leave it behind you.

Thanks for reading, I do hope you are enjoying your holiday preps. Spend time with family and forgive the past.

XO, Lilliana LuCinda



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