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How To Live In Abundance

I sent a text the other day. In that text, I revealed some internal and vulnerable thoughts. Emotions I would usually keep concealed “in order to protect myself.”

Those thoughts are based on fear. My mind was trying to protect itself from what?

Rejection and judgment.

The fear was reiterated after many hours with no response. Which lead me to neuroses like checking my phone every minute. Thinking maybe I should send a rebuttal message. It even surfaced after my yoga class during a Savasana yoga pose (which is intended for relaxation and to be void of negative thoughts.)

I have a tendency to over analyze. Do you know what I mean? Ever been there?

It’s not always easy to let go of the want to control everything in order to protect our egos but we must let that go. Analyzing has its purpose but if you’re like me and have this tendency to over think things., it will ruin you, your day and anything good that could potentially happen to you. Why? Because obsessing over the little details that happened or may not have happened redirect your energy inward creating chaos. That chaos releases a bunch of icky chemicals and then next thing you know you’ve shut down for the day and the events that follow are perceived as negative.

After the yoga session was disrupted by the negativity surrounding my feelings of being vulnerable. I walked outside to the river and stood by the largest oak tree in town. I quietly contemplated all of the times I have approached this river in times of heightened anxiety. Why did I always find myself at the river bank? Each time she was in a different state of being. Today she was frozen, the sun was fading and the air still.

Water is abundant, so be like water.

As a teacher, water has many lessons. We just have to listen. This is my interpretation of her lessons in abundance.

Water exists in different states: gas, liquid. solid. When water is frozen the molecules are vibrating slower. Meltdown ice and water particles speed up creating fluidity and movement.  Heat up water and the particles move even faster allowing it to expand and travel like gas. You are probably like “duh lil.. we learned this in like first grade” but bear with me.

Without water, there is no life. fluidity, movement, expansion, solidity few describing words of water that can also be descriptors of life.

Take this concept and apply it to your day to day activities and you have some major similarities.

When I was feeling those negative emotions I was stuck, right? I was frozen in that thought pattern. This happens on a larger scale with the people you surround yourself with and the daily activities you engage in.

Later in the evening while I was visiting the river, my mind shifted to a grateful state. I was thankful for all the times I could come to the river bank during hardships. I would watch the water flow, the life teaming at the edges. I noticed the plants surrounding it, the trees bending themselves towards it, and the animals that survive in the space where the land succumbs to water. I was becoming fluid, my mind shifting. I was in a state of abundance, my energy was lighter and I was able to feel connected. My feelings of wanting to protect myself faded away as I was reminded of the beautiful simplicity that is life.

This practice of observation in the present moment strengthens our ability to be aware. To see what is going on right in front of us instead of living in that constant inner monologue (the ego). There are many people who study the ego and there are tons of studies to prove that living in the present moment creates a greater sense of contentment in our life experiences.

It takes focus. Listen to your inner voice. Is it harsh, judgemental, does it keep you from doing things that maybe you secretly want to do and try?

Amazing things will start to happen when you learn to live with awareness. Good people will gravitate to you. Dreams will feel possible and our energy feels expansive.

You may begin to feel curious and less fearful.

Once you start to create this momentum it will propel your everyday activities. Opportunities start to manifest. Your energy levels increase. Little irritations that once bothered you before suddenly disappear.

What if instead of waking up and thinking about all that you need to get done in the day. You wake up thanking the world for another morning, another day of health, of opportunities. Look your loved ones in the eyes, connect with them, make your love known and love will come freely back to you.

Below I will provide some resources that are really helpful in practicing awareness. One very simple and easy thing each of us can do throughout the day is a grounding practice. It takes 5 seconds and immediately brings you into your surroundings. Feeling with your body rather than thinking in a reactive state of mind. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.



This podcast shares the 5-second grounding technique, plus loads of other quality information. Their goal is to help us and our communities perform at our best.

Bulletproof Radio– Be Unlimited – Dr. Mark Atkinson


Below you will find a link to a 5-week course that will help you be the best you possible. And if you like it, guess what? You could be a coach too.

Be Unlimited


This book is high on my list of purchases from Amazon. Dave’s podcasts have captivated and opened my eyes to a whole new world of the living. He uses the term biohacking often. Essentially he provides free tools to live your healthiest life, change limiting beliefs and connect you with people who are experts in this field.

Head Strong: The Bulletproof Plan to Activate Untapped Brain Energy to Work Smarter and Think Faster-in Just Two Weeks

All of these links can be found on my twitter account. I use this platform as a library for all of the articles I read and feel inspired by. My goal is really just to share content that helps us live better and healthier. I don’t write with the hopes of making money o this blog. It’s purely to share the practices that I utilize every day. I’m happy and I want you to be as well. So once again, thank you for reading and I hope that you take time to explore these links.


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