3 Stunning Plant Blogs with lillianalucinda.com

3 Stunning Plant Blogs

A compilation of some of the best plant blogs out there for all of your inspirational thirsts.

The Garden Edit

This absolutely stunning visual journal is aesthetically designed for pleasure. Founded by John Tebbs, a garden developer and maintainer for over 15 years. This blog now features photographers and writers offering unique perspectives taking the viewer into a virtual botanical experience from the lens of passionate plant people.

Dina Lun Photography on the Garden Edit
The University of Warsaw Roof Garden by Dina Lun


This fun and interactive blog offers so many things from a starting point for understanding wildflowers better to providing educational challenges and volunteer opportunities all within their very large and global community. This website also offers a podcast called Wild Flower Half Hour. I haven’t listened to it yet, but it’s for sure on my list now that I’ve stumbled across this beautifully created site. Check them out, I dare you 😉 If you love a well-designed online experience, you won’t be disappointed.

Identify plants with #wildflowerhourIdentify plants with #wildflowerhourIdentify wildflowers with #wildflowerhour

Growing with Plants

Matt Mattus  “Qualified horticulturist, author, journalist, lecturer – rare veggies to bulbs + alpines. Award-winning blogger, birder and owned by 3 rascally Irish Terriers.” And that’s straight from his twitter profile.

This blog is really neat. I’m especially curious about starting my own seedlings and Matt provides all the helpful tips why we should try it at home versus buying the chemical filled seedlings from the store.

Growing with Plants Blog

I didn’t want to overwhelm because I have many more inspirational blogs but these are three of my favorites from this week.

Reading through the Garden Edit makes me want to travel to Europe and visit all of their gorgeous conservatories. Matt Mattus inspires me to begin gardening now, indoors. Super excited to check out #wildflowerhour podcast for wild inspirations.

After researching and learning from all of these talented writers today I have a few goals in mind for spring:

  1. To find and name at least 10 different species of wild flowers.
  2. To travel to one conservatory or community garden and learn about        the history each month.
  3. To start my own seedlings inside without the help of a big box store.

What are your spring plant goals? 

Keep it real plant lovers, til next time.

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