Moving to Arizona @lillianalucinda

I’m Moving!

It’s official. I’m moving.

Changes on the horizon

This next year will be my most challenging yet. I recently accepted a position in a logistics office down in AZ. I’ll start training at their corporate office, which is in St. Cloud, in June and I have just finalized my two-month temporary living situation.

When my time is up in August, shortly after my 26th birthday, I will be relocating down to Paradise Valley Arizona. Wow. Now that I have this job secured the weeks leading up to graduation seem a little less stressful.


As I’ve been imagining this big move I realize there are quite a few large items that I have acquired and I have half a mind to literally get rid of e v e r y t h i n g. I mean why not? I’ve always entertained the minimalist lifestyle and I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to try it out. After all, I have a lofty goal of being debt free by the time I’m 30 which means paying off the past 4 years of student loans. I think a minimalist lifestyle will for sure aid in this goal.

I look around and struggle with what to keep and what to toss. Seriously if you think about all the money we spend acquiring things over time, it’s astonishing.

As far as lessons in detachment go already the flow of situations has approached my life from people to material items. This is apart of life, I imagine this moment as the slow turn of the page into the next chapter of my life.

Saying goodbye

For my sake, I took a video tour of my house along with a series of photos and video’s because I am a digital hoarder.

Saying goodbye to a big old yellow house that I fell in love with is not easy but I do feel fortunate that I get two more solid good months to appreciate it. I had a deep knowing that I was never meant to “grow old” in Hutchinson but while I lived here I found myself.

There is this huge supportive community and some really amazing people. I’ll miss my friends and all of the co-workers, friendly familiar faces, and the river. I’m already slowly selling my belongings and finding homes for my furniture.


Turns out most of the plants in my collection are spoken for as I intend to give them as gifts to some very special people in my life.

This makes me very happy that a little piece of my love will live on in someone else’s home. I hope they think of me when the new plant parents water and care of them.

I have been taking so many photos over the course of this past year. I was thinking about taking all of those images and turning them into a small digital catalog as a sort of scrapbook it won’t take up space and I can look back and reference that someday.

Questions & Comments

So with that being said and out there in public. If you have questions please feel free to send me a message or fill out a contact form. There are certain details that I want keep private as far as what my new job is and who I will be working for.

I 100% plan to keep blogging and writing for personal development especially because I think for the rest of the year there will be some phenomenal growth opportunities.

My houseplants will find new homes but guess what? I’ll just travel to gardens, conservatories, and greenhouses all summer to get my fix in… absolutely no complaints there 🙂

I hope you are enjoying this fabulous Thursday. If you check out my facebook page today I shared a why video and I am hoping to create more videos and mitigate into the vlogging realm, because who has time to read anyway? Let me know what you think and what you want more of! Thank you 🙂


  1. Becca

    I’ve been out in the southeast valley for about 3 years now. It’s a shame you’ll be moving here right as summer starts, but you can always head north to escape the heat!


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