3 Ways to Wake Up with lillianalucinda.com

3 Ways to Wake Up

Morning. Routine.

Do you have one?

You should, especially if you want to enter the day with flow and purpose.

There are some super quick ways to enter this peak state of mind and if you follow them, your day will ultimately flow better than ever before.

The key is to find what works for you and then stick to it.

If one day you fail at it, restart it the next day.

This takes time and practice. Do not worry if one day you sleep later than normal.

As I have been doing this I have also found that if I end up staying later than I wanted to the night before I will intentionally let myself sleep in later because I’m not performing at my best unless I am getting the right amount of sleep my body requires.

Knowing how much sleep your body requires is the first step to nailing down a successful morning routine.

Three ways to wake up better

You can do these in any order.


Emotion is created by motion so how you move will dictate how you feel.

If you want to feel inspired, start your day with exercise.

YouTube is a wonderful resource for morning move routines.

Ten minutes is all you need to jump-start your blood flow. Stretch out the aches in your neck and back.

I like to do yoga tutorials that have breath work integrated into the video. This enhances clarity of mind


Whatever you focus on you feel. This is a fact.

I read a passage out of a book that inspires me, every morning. This is a commitment that I have made to myself.

When I break this commitment, I do not stop. I try again the next day.

Choose material that speaks to you. My friend and I share motivational videos, so I’ll save those to listen to in the morning.

I go even further and jot down the positive messages in them that I want to reiterate into my language patterns.


What you think about you become. The same goes for speaking.

Try starting your morning by saying out loud what you want for yourself. Or better yet start by telling yourself what you are.

Positive affirmations change the thought patterns in our brain from negative to positive.

Negative self-talk is the fastest way to self-destruction.

Talk positively to yourself. Do you love your friends, children, spouse? Treat yourself the way you treat those people you love.

This takes CONSTANT awareness. I can’t tell you how many times I have caught my inner monologue in a self-destructive track.

So when you recognize that negativity substitute what you were saying with something positive instead. Forgive yourself and move that thought pattern on to a productive thought.

These language patterns affect your physical and emotional state of being and they are so important to pay attention to.

Why am I sharing this?

I am inspired and I want to share this inspiration with you because who doesn’t want to wake up happy in the morning? Going to sleep with a dream and waking up with a purpose makes each morning something to look forward too.

I absolutely love waking up now because I know that I am generating positivity and productivity that will carry me throughout the day.

Do this enough and you will change. Find out what works for you and continue to do it over and over again.

So ask yourself this question

In order to be the best, what do I need to do every single day?

In case you want to check out some new ishh:

I have tons of content on my Twitter @lillianalucinda if you are looking for some inspiration, I use it as a digital library for all the content I consume.

I just started a new Instagram social @plantspluslife where I show all of my vlogs, plant stuff, and whatever else I find during the day.

Let’s connect. I want to hear from you and how you start your day 🙂

Apart from those little updates, have a fabulous Tuesday!


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