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How to Find Purpose

finding purpose & listening to your inner truth

What I hope for you is that when you finish reading this article you feel inspired to start taking more risks and follow your true priorities.

Listen to your inner GPS. 

When I was in middle school I wanted to try out for theatre. But I never did, out for fear of people teasing me or talking about me behind my back.

I still carry that memory with me today. It serves as a reminder of that wistful feeling of wanting to take a chance but instead sitting back and watching someone else do what I wanted to do.

There would be many more times in my young adult life that I didn’t do or try things out of fear. I watched in the shadow as others did what I was too afraid to do.

No more.

Today my fears come in the form of public speaking, moving out of Minnesota, and fears of fully opening up in a relationship.

I’m facing all three of them head on this year. I’ve been working on re-framing my mindset and here’s how.

Bury those false objectives

All of us have been conditioned by societal norms, our environments, and other people’s agendas to live a life that fits their idea of a successful path.

Often times this leads to a linear path and leaves us feeling unfulfilled once we’ve attained that “right job, right relationship, right home.”

There isn’t one right path for anyone.

If you find yourself on a path that you aren’t saying 100% hell yes too. Listen to that feeling and explore paths that ignite you.

imagine and build your vision

When I started exploring self-development this was the part where I kept getting stuck.

I couldn’t see my future and even now when I try, each time it changes a little. Now it has become malleable but because I’ve done this so many times I have an idea that has resurfaced over and over.

That idea has started to create dreams. It has sparked unlimited possibilities. The doors of opportunity are open and inviting. My dream is making me smile at night and wake up with a purpose.

The point is your vision doesn’t have to be concrete.

The vision that you create for yourself should be deeply rooted in your values. If that means providing for your children in ways that you weren’t provided for, beautiful. If that means shattering the sales records for the company you work for, brilliant. The point is it should and will change with you as you change and grow each day.

My vision and your vision will be strikingly different and that is so good.


Reverse engineer your dreams, goals, and vision.

Find the people who you admire that are doing exactly what you want to accomplish.

Research them, their network, their education. What did they do to put themselves in that position?

Follow their path back far enough and you will find someone just like you, just beginning to follow their inner truth.

Fight and resist

Resistance will come in many different forms.

The people closest to you will be the first to try and talk you out of your dreams.

Ouch, right? Let that sink in. Has that ever happened to you?

Usually, these people have your best interest in mind because they don’t want to see you fail. But you must fail.

Without taking risks there is NO GROWTH.

If you never face your fear, you will never move forward. 

So thank them for their opinion, smile at them and remember they truly do love you but go after that dream even harder.

Use those moments to prove them wrong and get back up over and over should you stumble along the way.

I can still hear these voices from the past: “Your worthless” “You will get taken advantage of” “Your grades aren’t good enough” “You are a dumb blonde” “You are crazy.”

Those words are now used as fuel.

I’ll cause a ripple effect so large that over time a tremendous tsunami will wash all of those doubts away. They will wake those people up, take their breath away and leave them speechless.

Crazy girl indeed. Crazy enough to get back up 100 times, crazy enough to stand up and give a speech to hundreds of people, crazy enough to pursue a high-pressure career in a totally new state.

That is not crazy folks, that is courage.


Seek lessons & relax

During this process of self-growth, there are constant lessons.

Some days I choose to prioritize my social relationships over my educational responsibilities.

Is this the right thing to do?

Depends, that is a subjective question.

I am sharing this insight because this past week I prioritized the people in my life over school work. When I looked at this my initial reaction was to say “C’mon Lil, get it together- you’ve got shit to take care of.”

But instead of punishing myself I reflected and decided that yes, there will always be something to do in the work and educational front but the people in your life won’t always be there.

Balance is key and socializing is a wonderful way to give your brain a break, and treat yourself to a thoughtful conversation and beautiful connection.

Call to Action

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I share these thoughts with you because I want to help you to live with abundant energy. What we do today DOES change tomorrow.

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Happy Friday and have a great weekend everyone!



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