How To Be Rooted In Values @lillianalucinda

How to be Rooted in Values

You have nothing if you don’t have values

When I was a youngster, I had a poor understanding of values and what they meant. I didn’t really have a “moral compass” and so I was wild. I tested all rules and authority. Boundaries were there for me to test and push. I used to wonder why other people always obeyed the rules and seemed to have an easy go at life.

I believe these people understood their values early thus they knew when enough was enough… when to stop. Kids like me, we didn’t know when to stop until it was too late and we were punished. Yes, I was frequently grounded as a child, sat next to a window to hand write pages out of an encyclopedia as I watched my little brothers play with my friends.

What are your values?

If you can’t answer this question, then keep reading.

When you begin to create a working understanding of your core values, you begin to understand why you make certain choices.

Sometimes our values lead us down a road that maybe we don’t particularly want. Even if it comes from a place of good intention. But when you are rooted in your values, then you can recognize that choice before you make it and save yourself time and energy.

Last spring I conducted my first value report on myself.

I found an exercise that had me select my top 20 values off of a list.

Then I had to condense that to 10.

Then to 5.

Then to 3.

  1. Relationships, friends, family and romantic.
  2. Spirituality and finding my place in the world.
  3. Wisdom and the pursuit of constant learning.

Why did I do this?

It was around the time I was considering leaving my current job and I needed, more like craved to cultivate a strong sense of self.

This is also around the time I started really devoting myself to self-growth.

Once I realized that relationships were my top value, I began to understand how I meandered throughout my life which brought me to my current reality, at that time.

This wasn’t good nor was it all bad. Because I did not have a strong sense of self I allowed those relationships to determine my path.I would let friends make the decisions, family sway me, and romantic relationships control me.

Instead of letting those relationships make the decisions for me I can now leverage them as a support system and a source of healing and love.

Values change over time, especially when you are or become a person who is interested in self-development.

Today, I took another value assessment and here are my results.

Life Values Self Assessment Test
  1. Personal growth was at the top of the list as that is what I spend the majority of my time doing.
  2. In alignment with relationships is the family value.
  3. Tied with that is leadership which I found surprising as I used to not consider myself a leader. Currently, it makes sense as now I aim to be a positive influence on the lives I come into contact with.

Why is all of this important?

Knowing your values will help ground you in your day to day interactions.

When you have a working understanding of the values that guide your decision making it will be easier to understand your behavior.

Understanding your behavior fast tracks your personal growth.

When you are growing your contributions to your family and society grow too.

We all know the secret to happiness is helping other people. So when we are high functioning, we are able to see who and how we can help. Thus creating a better future not only for ourselves but also for the society we inhabit.


A few posts back I talked about getting into Vlogging.

So here we are, my beginning attempts at video blogging. I’m excited to keep learning through this process as it completely supports my mission to share quality content with anyone who is interested in self-growth.

If you have any suggestions throw em’ my way, I love constructive criticism.

All of these videos are shared on my Facebook page created to help promote this blogging platform.


And as always, there is fresh rotating content on my Twitter feed full of inspiring videos and articles related to life.


Below you will find the links to some of the articles I browsed before I wrote this as well as the link to take the value assessment if you are interested in learning about your own results.


Life Value Assessment

What are Your Values?

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