Minnesota Greenhouse Tour: Dundee


Can you think of a place where you go that brings you joy?

Greenhouses are these places for me. A sense of peace finds me in these green places and spaces. Gardens, conservatories, arboretums alike. I find amazement in the miracles of the diversity of plant life.

So when I had an opportunity to meet with the manager of this Hutchinson treasure, I was so excited.

These kinds of happenings are what keep me up at night eager to fall asleep just so I can wake up and meet my dreams in waking light.

I met with Tammy Field the manager/grower at Dundee floral in Hutchinson, Minnesota. We started our tour by passionately sharing stories of our travels to gardens and other unique places that only certain varieties grow.

Did you know that the beloved geranium is native to Africa and that in Africa, they are like bushes?

my Dream

I have a vision of traveling, photographing, and writing as a voice for the plants that live all around the world.

There is a silent crime happening all over the earth.

Plants are disappearing as land is being gobbled up or abused. But there is much to be excited about because we as a species are innovative and smart.

I plan to raise awareness and educate on the importance of preserving certain species. We have so much to learn from them.

For now, I’m going to celebrate the access we have to green life in the form of our local greenhouses. Places of endorphin-producing beauty.


Dundee Nursery & Floral is a full nursery, greenhouse, floral and gift shop. It is family owned and they grow their plants year round. The main location of Dundee is in Plymouth, MN, where they own nearby fields to grow trees, shrubs, and perennials which they have for sale spring, summer and fall.

Before the Hutchinson establishment was what it is now the first building started out by doing hydroponic tomatoes. According to Wikipedia, the definition of Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture, the method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent.

I find this so interesting because gardening and growing plants are my passion and I love learning about different techniques that humans use to grow their food.

The Dundee location in Hutchinson used to be called Carr Flowers and shortly after the family-owned business purchased the building, Carr Flowers had a fire and was destroyed. Talk about a perfect time for a rebirth. So when they fixed what was left of the building they renamed the establishment Dundee to match the Plymouth location.

Dundee in Plymouth

I took a trip up to this location where we filmed a little tour. Let me show you how beautiful this location is.

Shopping local

When you look at the quality of the plants Dundee offers you can most certainly tell that love and attention have been given to them. For example, one customer did a test. He took ten plants from Dundee and the same ten plants from a big box store and he grew them at the same time.

Over the duration of the summer, the plants from Dundee were healthier, larger and overall grew better than the big box brand. The baby plant plugs that arrive at Dundee receive the proper care and attention. Plant health starts from inception.

The sort of problems behind the scenes that you wouldn’t think about range from transportation, plant diseases, and ordering certain inventory. Tammy handles most of the problems as she is the heart of the operation often putting in 12 hour days 7 days a week.

Tammy and the staff at Dundee are dedicated to providing the absolute best for the customers, community, and for the employees. Her degree is in wildlife management but her passion lies with the native plants of Minnesota where she started her career helping grad students complete surveys.

When the owners of Dundee asked her to be the grower of the Hutchinson location, she didn’t know exactly what the job would entail. Luckily she had a very good mentor that was always available to assist her with questions.

There is a delicate system of transportation that plants go through before they find their way into a greenhouse. They are grown at a very large nursery then transported, as plugs (small seedlings in compacted soil) all over the country. If the trip doesn’t go well, meaning they freeze or get dropped, etc… the plugs have little chance of growing to their full healthy robust potential.

All these micro steps are so important, and we as consumers often don’t think about the avenues that these plants come to us through.

The goal is for the customers of Dundee to have success in growing their plants so Tammy makes sure she is available to answer all of their questions and provide healthy products to distribute.

Dundee is involved in the community whether that’s hosting fundraisers or providing planting classes. Hutchinson appreciates this little green corner of life.

I feel very lucky to have been able to not only meet the very lovely Tammy Field but also to share our passions and learn the story of this little town treasure.


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