A Dose of Individuality

When I think about this weekend, I remember smiling faces, laughter under the sky as it faded from blue to black.

A beautiful moon rising capturing all of our attention for the majority of the evening. My brother, boyfriend and myself all in attendance to the fall bonfire started by yours truly.

These are the moments that will live in my mind forever. Shortly after the s’mores have been eaten and the sky has gone dark my Uncle came to sit with us. He shared compelling advice.

“Do you know what I’ve learned over the past 50 years?”

I’m thinking to myself.. no but this is a man who had lived and lost everything he’s had only to gain it all back plus more in his lifetime. So I must listen carefully.

He said “Never let what other people think influence your decisions.”

It’s incredibly simple and true and I needed to hear it. And maybe you do too- these messages all come to us for a reason. They serve a purpose so if you found yourself reading this post, I hope the next decision you make is solely based on what’s best for you and you alone.

My little brother is an example of marching to the beat of his own drum. I never had older siblings to look up too and now as a twenty something older sister I find myself admiring my little brother.

The amount of courage it takes not to follow the crowd is an emotional exercise for me but for him it’s his natural existence. I used to want him to be like everyone else because the judging eyes of all those people and his peers gave me to much pain. Now I see that he was and always will be happier than the rest of us conformists. He does what he wants, whenever he wants and I just super respect that. It is true freedom.

Spending the weekend with him and my Uncle gave me a fresh dose of individuality. What will I do with this new pep in my step? Only time will tell. Moving to the city has given me a new perspective on life. I’m still me but something has changed inside. A switch has turned on and the possibilities here are infinite.

So I enter this week filled up with love and inspiration ready to take it all with me and share with my neighbors.

I hope this finds you well 🙂 all the photos are little pieces of pretty that surrounded these interactions this weekend. Have a beautiful week!

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