Girl On a Whim

First question I ask myself, why do I always wait until the last minute?

I’ve had this trip booked for months, my first solo trip out of the country to beautiful Costa Rica.

It was a treat to myself, a post break up impulse to assert my independence.

Anyway, the way I deal with most stress is to not deal at all. Super healthy I know. Lets call it what it is, passivity. Bread by my midwestern roots, it’s how most of my family handles their stress too.

Before you think of all the ways to fix me, I urge you to stop there because the second you tell me to do something, chances are I’ll do the exact opposite.

Maybe this is the cause for my aversion to planning. Or maybe I just wanted to see what the universe brought me. Or maybe I’m lazy, you decide.

The night before I jet off, I booked my first Air BnB. It said it was in the town, Liberia, which is where I was flying into.. it wouldn’t give me the address until it was booked.

It was thus cute cozy cottage and the hosts were elders, which I trusted. The address popped up and with a quick glance I could see it was a blip in the country, not in any large towns and certainly not close to Liberia.

I turned the other way and decided to deal with it once I landed. Are you shaking your head yet?

That night brought me nerves that surfaced like this… (& plz don’t judge me).

  • Binge ate the left overs in my fridge
  • Last minute laundry
  • Esme was acting sickly so I called 4 cat hospitals to see if I needed to take her in
  • Two shots of Tequila
  • One yoga class (horrible idea after the above)
  • More last minute packing
  • Ordered Dominoes and ate a whole cheese pizza
  • Finished packing & showered & bed….

What in the good heavens kind of behavior is that?

I couldn’t sleep a wink that night, waking up every 45 minutes lurching for my phone to check the time.

Time to wake up. Lyft canceled on me. Shit! I hopped out of bed in my birthday suit with out a care in the world. I was sitting cross legged naked in my living room looking over my luggage. Frantically trying to sign in to Uber- didn’t work. Of course. Three more attempts at a Lyft, I finally went with the XL and snuck in. He was coming from the airport too.

Clothes on. Unplug electronics. Snuggle Esme. Check!

When he came to get me he said “just you?”

“Yep, my regular canceled on me.”

His reply was “Well something must be aligned with you then because I almost did too, I’m ready to go home but the app forced you in & bc it’s double the pay I accepted.”

Did I mention that I’m lucky yet?

Also, pause.

I know this seems like a lot of drama and I haven’t even made it to the airport yet so bare with me.. I’m a freak, I know- I own it.

So, I’m late to the airport bc of the above.

The lines are stupid long. Someone asks me if I want to skip them.

Um obviously? So I sign up for the clear. Giving them a good eye scan and finger prints, there ya go big brother ๐Ÿ˜‰

But hey it worked, I skipped to the front and had time to spare. Now I just need to remember to cancel that free month before they charge me my finger.

Airports crack me up. I’ve been flying for my whole life and it’s fairly a chill experience for me but I look around and everyone is all hyped always. They gotta be first in line, rushing and shuffling about.

I take my sweet ole time, read my book and am content to be the last to board. I’m entertained by people watching and listening to muffled conversations.

I’m so weird.. humans are SO weird.

The flights are smooth. I touch down in Costa Rica. People approach me when they see me toting my Yoga mat and they ask me if I’m going to a retreat.

They call me brave girl when they hear I’m alone.

I talked with information at the airport for directions, we call my host. He says “can’t you follow the directions in the description?”

You guys, this is what the description was like. Km-15 hwy 164, Liberia, Costa Rica, Liberia, Guanacaste, Bagaces, and a house number….

Um no, sorry! No freaking idea.

He explains on the phone… take a right at the first stop light in town. Drive 20 miles, take. Left them go straight.. set your odometer to 0 and once it hits 15km look for the iron gate and your here.

Oh! Sure!! Now I get it…..

So I go and get my rental car.. we call him again. He tries explaining one more time and then asks where I am.

“In Liberia.” I say

Perfect, turns out he was at the Walmart in town- you can’t miss it. Literally- this is true, you can’t.

He says he’s parked in the handicap.

I park, start walking around looking for him. I see him there with a beautiful German Shepherd. A large smile grows on my face as I start walking faster. The German Shepherd runs to me and starts kissing me all over as if we’ve been friends our whole life.

I meet William. He’s short, tan with white hair. He walks slow but has such a warm friendly air about him. I’m immediately at ease.

I followed him to the nearest big town where we stop to get garlic. He asks if I like wine and if I’d be interested in having summer with him and his wife.

I didn’t want to sound to eager but I could have jumped for joy.

I hadn’t eaten but a little airplane bag of pretzels all day and a cup of black tea. I was famished and dehydrated.

I follow him in the dark to his place in the country, up winding roads into the mountain.

Honestly, I don’t think I would have ever seen it in the dark, alone. Being able to meet him was a blessing and a wonderfully good omen to begin this trip.

That night I met his wife Angie. She’s petite, sharp and mindful. We were fast friends.

I cleaned up and got a little tour of my cottage. It was a handmade structure of mud and adobe. They recycle all of their bottles and use them in the walls. He was proud of it and more of them were under construction.

I joined them in their outside kitchen while he chopped veggies. He poured me wine from Argentina and gave me a bowl of fresh mango.

I learned so much about them.

Turns out I was on a farm of 27 acres. They are arborists who have been working to plant 4,500 native trees to restore the land. The next morning I got a tour ๐Ÿ™‚

Chatting the whole time, we finished our tacos and ended with ice cream. He placed the bowl in front and sprinkled fresh cacao bits on top while Angie poured me a generous shot of homemade spiced rum on top.

I could have died happy. The air was warm and we ate together as family would under low lights powered by their solar panels. I couldn’t wait to see what this place looked like in daylight.

The next morning Angie brought me coffee while I was journaling. Bunny their other pup kept me company. We ate a big beautiful breakfast and after I was blessed with a tour of their property. When it was time to say our goodbyes they invited me back in November for mango season and as we took a picture together she said “awe, our baby girl.” The hug she gave me was so real and filled with love. They sent me off with banana bread & best wishes for my safety. I said goodbye with a promise to return.

Right now I’m in the morning of day 3 getting ready to zip line.

More to come so stay tuned and thank you for sending your blessings. I’m safe with luck on my side ๐Ÿ˜‰


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