A Letter to Lovers

Dearest lovers,

Growing up I would run wild with love tangled in my hair. It moved through the tips of my fingers towards the accepting.

Now, I’m changing with age. Instead of shooting out of me like electrical impulses, the love stays inside burning like a fire that drives my passion and my creativity.

I’m learning to harness it, to be careful how much I let seep out.

Because in the wrong hands, this fire is in danger.

So, in the case that I forget and in the case that you are walking with the fire, this is a message for us. For us hopeless lovers of the world.

Before you continue, I want you to know – please listen – you need to know at your core that YOU deserve the kind of love that created the stars.

AND it will choose you over and over.

But that choice isn’t for someone else to choose.

It’s for you.

You choose love over and over. You amplify and manage its intensity.

People will tell you that you need to risk your heart over and over for the reward that long term love brings… that long term love is inside of you.

The only risk is being afraid of it’s power over you. Which is why you must practice building the fire over and over.

Learn how to build it inside. Find the ingredients that feed your love fire and light it up every single day.

When it fades, recognize that it too needs to eat. So stoke it again until the smoke rises up and lifts you to your feet again.

And when you find yourself in the midst of another’s fire… don’t run.

Sit with it and let it warm you.

Because when you sit with another’s fire, your fire doesn’t need to eat as much.

Feel the gorgeousness of love in this true form, be present with it.

Feel your heartbeat match their heartbeat. Close your eyes and see the unseen magic unfurling between the fringes of physical touch.

Dive into the butterflies and breathe them in slowly. Exhale softly and feel them leave with a whisper on your lips.

Because in those moments, true gifts of life are born.

When they pass, like everything does, remember you created this love.

And you will create it again.

It starts inward and flows outward.

Now, be careful. Do not give all of this power away.

And in protecting this power, also be careful to not push love away.

It is a very delicate dance but one you must master, not for happiness’s sake but for long term fulfillment.

We are here because of love and our love has much work to do in lighting fires.

So, even though it’s scary, you will learn to love again.


  1. Haley VanderVoort

    Love love love. Good reminder for us to first love ourselves, then let the rest happen! Thanks for the [LOVELY] reminder. ❤❤


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