They’ll Never Tell You This

I’ve had my best month in sales yet.

I crushed my goal, and it’s not even over yet.

But that’s not what I’m going to tell you today.

Instead this story is about love, specifically about my mothers love.

Here’s how the story starts…

My manager approached me today congratulating me on my success.

Grinning I say “it’s my best month ever.”

He says “no, it’s your best month yet.”

My teammate looked over nodding and congratulated me.

I proudly tell him what my stretch goal is.

(it’s about double what I just accomplished.)

I follow that up with my dreamy response claiming that “Once I hit mystretch goal, I’m taking my mom to Thailand.”


Picture it: Mom and Lil go to Thailand.

Momma and me riding on the back of a jenky motorbike up the mountains overlooking and incredible view of the turquoise ocean.

I see her laughing, mouth wide open in a state of pure bliss as an elephant hugs her with its trunk.

We sit at the steps of a temple meditating as the sun peaks over hills of rice fields.

We walk hand in hand wearing light clothes of linen. We hug and cry staying up way to late in the night.

I smell her and nuzzle into her soft body, my momma.

By the way, here is this beautiful momma bear.

I imagine it will be this fall.. her hair will just be growing back short and sticking straight up.

My thoughts fall out of my mouth. Another teammate behind me asks what I mean by her hair growing back.

I confidently tell him “my mom has cancer.”

He asks what kind. I give him the facts. The same shpeal I tell most.

She’s battling stage 3B cervical cancer. It’s in her lymphatic system.

He asks if it’s curable.

I tell him cervical is one of the highest cured cancers however because it’s in her lymph nodes we are managing it as you would a chronic disease.

I tell him she’s been battling for four years. We agree on hating the treatment.

His mom passed away from pancreatic cancer.

I’m strong through the facts because they are concrete.

I became soft and weak when the conversation turned sentimental.

He told me about his mother choosing treatment for her children, that she was happy with having lived a long life.

They told his family she was cancer free. 6 months later, they lost her.

Now this isn’t even my story to tell, but it inspired my story.

See, when someone you love or people in general suffer for such a long time you sort of become numb.

That is until someone or something wakes you up.

This. Woke. Me. Up.

He looked at me and said my mom fought for us.

“She’ll never tell you but she’s fighting for you.”

I felt the goosebumps crawl from my arms to my heart. The emotion shooting up after my heart thuds slow and heavy against my rib cage.

The feeling in my stomach churning and lifting up through my throat.

A frog sits in the back of my throat threatening to take away my voice.

Tears welled and my head tilted down as I exhaled a sharp breath, thanking him.

I’m not a fan of getting emotional at work so I grabbed a tissue to dab the corners of my eyes and took a big swing of water.

He offered his support for anytime to talk about it.

My team. This is comradery.

Profession aside, this is what makes a team great.


Personally and professionally.

I had to write.

The energy caused me to lift off.

The power of recognizing someone’s elses shared suffering dripped into my blood.

The anger, sorrow, and inspiration coursing through my veins.

What now?

How can I help?

What power can I conjure to combat this?

Now, mission filled, I share this message.

My mom fights for me, for my brothers, for her husband. She fights for her sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews and her own mother. She fights for all of her staff and children at the school.

My mom fights for life and she does it with grace.

Her weapon is humor. It charms all of the nurses and doctors.

She smiles at strangers who don’t even know her struggle.

My mom is an absolute warrior for life.

I’m so incredibly inspired and humbled by the way she loves through this world.

When you are raised by someone this special, people notice.

She spoiled me with love so that is what I give to the world around me.

Love is truly the only way.

So love your mommas! Love your sisters and your brothers. Look to love when you are frustrated and conjure appreciation for this life you’ve been gifted.

I challenge you to tell someone you love them, today… tomorrow.. everyday find someone to love and make it known.

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