About Me

There are two top tiers to my life. Career and Personal.

When I started this blog I was still in College and I used all of our assignments and applied them to real life so I could make some extra money by working with my passion (plants).

This was my first taste of the entrepreneurial creative freedom, which completely changed the way I view life.

So, I used that mindset to find another job that supports this entrepreneurial drive.

My current sales job requires me to act, think, and treat my book of business as an entrepreneur.

The only difference is I don’t have the risk and I operate under someone else’s checkbook.

I’m finding that it is a great way to learn.

Tier 1. Career

Important for security, skill acquisition, and financial security. I’m passionate about connecting with people and sales helps me do just that.

Tier 2. Personal

The soft and cozy. The curiosity behind the growth mindset. I like to learn and I spread out this continued education all across the board reading books and trying out lifestyle habits to better my quality of existence.

Right now, I’m working on creating a dream life. See dream board below ๐Ÿ™‚

Dreamboard 2018

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