Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Photoshop

The images below were all created during my last year as a Design/Marketing student at Ridgewater College.

Retro Bicycle

I took an image of a bicycle apart using a mask and tracing it with the pen tool. Then I dissected a photo of peonies layering it on top


Retro Bicycle

MMDT Program Poster

This is a poster I created for the Multimedia Marketing Design Technology department at Ridgewater College.

MMDT Poster
MMDT Poster

Adobe Illustrator

I built these succulents in Illustrator while reading a tutorial to create these graphics for use on a business card, email header, and as a signature.

Personal Logo

Personal Logo

adobe InDesign

I am working on building a social campaign that supports this blog.

Plants + Life Air Plant Recipe

We were tasked with the assignment to create a recipe. I decided to put a spin on that and use the recipe for air plant care using my own photos.

Plants + Life Newsletter

This is a newsletter compiled by experts from three high traffic blog posts.