Education Examples

Education examples

As an ambassador for Ridgewater College, I wrote an essay on what leadership and Diversity means to me in order to attend the annual Leadership and Diversity conference held at St. Cloud State University. As apart of my responsibilities to bring the messages I learned back to the community, I created this visual presentation speech to educate my classmates about what I felt were the most important messages.

Diversity and Leadership Presentation

During a digital marketing course last semester, we were to create a marketing plan for the business of our choice. I chose to create an outline for my personal blog. This is the document that I submitted as my final project.

Marketing Final Project

Advertising and promotions is a class that I am now enrolled in. We are working on creating a public figure page for personal branding purposes. In this page, you will find examples of graphics, sample writings and call to actions for my personal blog.

Lilliana LuCinda Public Profile Page